Half of the year in the UAE is spent under extreme climatic conditions and temperatures spanning from 30 C to 50 C.

Therefore, It is no exaggeration to say that summertime is mostly enjoyed inside shopping malls, government and private buildings, mosques, hotel lobbies and recreation centers. Although the interiors of such places are ergonomic and beautifully decorated, as the power of habit wants it, the more time one spends indoors the more these interiors, become common, customary and somehow invisible. With Interiors, I observe mundane ceiling structures, forms and building ornaments with the curiosity and the nostalgia of the first sighting, rendering worth seeing anew. My preferred subjects are vaults overlooking the sky, in shopping malls, occasionally bearing an oculus. The vault with an oculus, Roman in origin, has had a specific social, communal and religious importance in Islamic communities. Its current existence in shopping malls, however, offers perhaps a more contemporary interpretation. This vault enables the community to gather underneath the same light, underneath the same blue sky. Interior s underscores the importance of indoor facilities in the UAE. It highlights their dual role/function, as places of recreation and places of beauty. The Interiors project offers a new vision to the audience, beyond their everyday experience of indoors environments, yet simultaneously, it opens a conversation on sustainability of urban architecture and art and beauty in the public space.


Yiannis Galanopoulos