Digital Cabinets

The inspiration for this portfolio has been the cabinets of curiosities of the 17th century, upon which today’s learnt entertainment environment is modeled. Back then, the Cabinets of curiosities’ or cabinets of virtis’ purpose was not only about promoting knowledge, but also about the pleasure of ownership. Ownership in turn was used as social currency with which one could exercise power or superiority in the then society. My purpose with this work has a sort of art-for-art- sake function. I explore and celebrate artistic versioning, experimentation, the establishment of new vocabularies of visual phenomena and their dissemination across digital media platforms. These cabinets are generated-through-graphic-software composited illustrations, based on digital photographs, from my research on the representation of mundane material and immaterial objects. The possibilities of these tampered, remastered and reauthored digital objects are truly endless…


Yiannis Galanopoulos