Braille Spots

Spots have been extensively used within contemporary art as powerful visual, representational and metaphorical symbols. Likewise, spots-dots have been used in Braille, a universal tactile language established to aid the visually impaired. Although Art is for all, braille language seems to concern the few, who are visually challenged. Is this so? Why if I may ask? How many of us, the privileged, visually able, are aware and interested in Braille? The incentive of my work is not only to follow up on the history and evolution of spots as subject matter within the context of contemporary art, but also to open a conversation on the necessity of divulging our societal responsibility to learning Braille and start interacting with, instead of marginalizing, our visually impaired fellow human beings. My artworks, therefore, are for those who “see” or want to see with different eyes. If Art by vernacular mainstream communication lies into the eye of the beholder, then behold these colorful circles in primary and secondary colors, their visual forms and their connotations.


Yiannis Galanopoulos