Alpha-Beta Stamps

My illustrations comment on identity traits and categorizations agreed upon in society, namely the distinction between Alpha-Beta males and females. In ethnological studies these terms derive from the study of animals. If these bipolar identity sorting is valid, then what are the specific characteristics people have in these categories? Is an A-male, for example, a macho athletic man or can he be anything else? Is an A-female a strong carrier woman or not? Is there any consensus in society about these categories and types? When it comes to humans, I always felt that these characteristics (i.e slick, macho man, Barbie or bossy) are numerous, complex and rather changeable through times. They are used by people, who are inclined to conceive believable stories about their identities and are eager to explain their social behavior in various contexts. Acknowledging Alpha or Beta in social behavior reminds me of the chicken or the egg causality dilemma. Is one an Alpha or a Beta male-female, or does he or she becomes one in certain contexts and situations according to self motives and needs?


Yiannis Galanopoulos