The project concerns cultural identity, selfness and the sense of place. The internal need to explore our natural environment, interdependent with the instinct for survival, searches for a secure location on the trajectory that connects the eye with the point of its visual saturation. This is how limits or borders are defined.  This need, driven by the desire for power, knowledge or the thirst for territorial conquest, depending on the degree humans sense it, can trigger the renegotiation of our relationship with place, culture and the self. A necessary condition for reconsideration of our visual and cognitive limits is to keep renegotiating the stereotypes inhabiting our conscious minds .

The series has been shot during the winter around famous Greek Island destinations. Whether these seafront sights are imaginary or real they aim at subverting views that consider Greece a sunny-go-lucky place and they draw conversations on place representation, nationalism, cultural identity and one’s sense of place.