Artist statement

Photography represents for me a highly creative, never-ending mind game, where novelties are created under flexible rules and flexible objectives. Success or failure within that context is less important than the process itself. On the whole, I consider art making an expression of self-definition, self-fulfillment and freedom to play.

Although creation is a process in flux, the core drivers of my work are the ‘anticipation of a discovery’ and the ‘need for experimental versioning’. Through an urge for discovery, I have adopted modes of working from that of a flâneur to that of a precautions retoucheur, doing everything in postproduction. ‘Experimental versioning’ is indeed one of the reasons I became an artist. Within this realm, I am allowed to create art, pose peaceful objections to ideas, master narratives, vernacular iconography and position myself in the spatiotemporal coincidence of the here, the now, the future and the everlasting.

I currently work in digital, however the traditions of fine art b/w and color analog photography still inform my practice. My portfolios Seafront Views, Specimens of American Suburbia No Place Architecture, Unmanned and Inanimate and World of Immaterial Objects, I favor finding my subjects in the immediate environment, as opposed to constructing a reality in the studio. Residing in different countries and taking pleasure from wandering suburban areas are the reasons for developing a strong ‘sense of place’ and for questioning it though my creative processes. In Specimens of American Suburbia, which delves with Place Identity and Photographic Representation, I focus on suburban places and architectural structures, which I encounter by accident. As a matter of fact, I never plan, or hardly ever go back to the same place for a retake.

While shooting in Greece, the US, the UAE, France, or elsewhere, I leave out information that can reveal the place’s origin. I intend to show that these areas can exist ‘anywhere and nowhere’. Under this condition, their identity becomes fluid, as they are no longer attached to a map, but inhabit a non-geographically designated place. An ‘anonymous’ place designated by the use of the medium, in the context of post- New Topographics landscape photography. The aggregation of multiple out-of-context places, however, in a portfolio elevates this anywhere/nowhere approach into ‘somewhere’. This ‘somewhere’ is neither urban or suburban nor real or unreal. It is a place, where skies are always blue, where one can find many colorful architectural curiosities. These, in turn, hail the viewer to visually and mentally interact with the work and alter the places into what I like to call ‘adversely possessed hyp-urbias’.

There are no people appearing in them, but somehow they do through the traces they leave behind. To push the envelope further on this, by not capturing people I don’t mean to create a deadpan view of the world. On the contrary, I intensify human presence, as people subliminally appear not only through remnant material objects, but also through the coincidence of my encounter with this or that place, my will-to-create a version of what I saw, the place itself, and the historical context about the place.

I continue capturing dystopian landscapes; that is ambivalent in terms of place identity and photographic representation. I am looking to elaborate on the notions of photography and place identity by tracing their relation to current western trends of artistic iconography, human geography, psychology, and architecture.

Yiannis Galanopoulos

has participated in numerous solo and group international art exhibitions in the UAE, Europe, the USA, Australia, China and Japan. His work has been acquired by private and public collections. He has a BFA in Photography and Multimedia, a Master of Arts degree in Humanities and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Studies. He is a PhD Candidate at the Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology in Australia and holds an assistant professor’s position at Zayed University Abu Dhabi.

2017 PhD Candidate at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
2012 Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies. Norfolk State University, Norfolk VA, USA
2011 Master of Arts in Humanities. Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA, USA
2011 Master of Arts in Visual Studies. Norfolk State University, Norfolk VA, USA
2007 BFA in Photography and Audiovisual Arts. Technological Educational University of Athens, Greece


Professional Photographer-Videographer-Graphic Designer-Artist
2001-2011 Freelance photographer-graphic designer-artist

2018-current. Assistant Professor of Art at Zayed University
2013-2018. Visual Arts lecturer at the United Arab Emirates University, Coordinator of the Fine Arts Program
2011-2013. Private courses in Fine Art Photography

Solo Exhibitions
2019 China, Pingyao International Photo Festival, Solo exhibition. Title Transient Places
2018 Vilnius Lithuania, Muzikos Gallery, Title: Reduction to Absurdity
2014 Norfolk, Virginia, USA, Selden Arcade City of Norfolk, Title: “A world of Immaterial Objects”
2013 Paris France, Gallery La Petite Vivienne, Title: “A World of Immaterial Objects”
2011 Portsmouth VA, USA Tidewater Visual Arts Center, Title: “Unmanned and Inanimate”. Curator Shelley Brooks.
2007 Athens Greece, 14th International Month of Photography, Athens Photo festival, Literature and Arts Center APOPSI, Title: “Update City”. Curator: Kostas Goudis
Selected group exhibitions

2019 Athens, Greece. Performances and Re-performances. Duo exhibition, curated by Ioannis Galanopoulos
2019 Rome, Italy. Divenire. Group exhibition. T24, curated by Giuditta Nidiaci
2018 China. Territories. Pingyao International Photography Festival, Group show, curated by Shane and Tammy Hulbert, Title: “Out of Place”
2018 Italy. Biennale Art Dolomites, Title: “Exosphere”
2017 Melbourne, Australia, George Paton Gallery, Title: Poetry, “Simulations Of Love and Absence”
2017 Sharjah, UAE, Sharjah Art Foundation, Title : Urbanism, “UAE Interiors”
2017 Al, Ain, UAE, Al Ain Mall Arena, Title : “Intergalactic Voyage” with Toomas Altnurme
2016 Al Ain, UAE Science Innovation Park,Title : “Intergalactic Discourses”
2016 Paris, France, Gallery 12 Avenue Des Artistes, Title : “Peace”
2015 Sharjah, UAE, Sharjah Art Foundation, Title : “Objects of Human Automation”
2013 Paris, France, Salon Art Shopping, Carrousel Du Louvre.
2010 Lynchburg VA, USA Academy of Fine Arts Lynchburg VA, National Juried Photography Exhibition, Title: “No Place Architecture”. Curator: Jon Phillip Sheridan
2010 Kiyosato, Japan, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Young Portfolio 2009 group exhibition, Title: “Photographs Of The Next Generation”. Curator: Hosoe Eicoh
2009 Texas Visual Arts Center, USA, International Juried Photography Exhibition Shorelines, juried by Joseph Schenk and Franklin Sirmans, Title: “Series Seafront Views”
2009 Lynchburg VA, USA, The Academy of Fine Arts Lynchburg VA Annual, National Juried Photography Exhibition, Title: “American Postcards”. Curator: Leslie Bellavance
2009 Norfolk VA, USA, Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries Norfolk – Juried National Exhibition, Title: “Series Versions of Unnoticed”
2006 Athens, Greece, 13th International month of Photography, Young Greek Photographers 06, Title: “Seafront Views”. Curator: Stavros Moresopoulos
2005 Athens Cultural Center Municipality of Kifisia, Title: “Keratsini”. Curator: Xaris Pressas
2005 Athens Greece, Photo Vision 2005, Group Exhibition, Title: “Untitled BnW”. Curator: Xaris Pressas
2004 Kranidi Cultural Center, Greece, 8 Young Greek Photographers, Title: “Images in black and white”. Curator: Kostas Goudis


2012 International Photography of the Year Awards (New York). Honorable mention in Fine Arts Photography
2009 International Photography of the Year Awards (New York). Honorable mention in Architectural Photography

2019 China, Pingyao International Photo Festival, Solo exhibition. Title Transient Places exhibition catalogue.
2019 Performances and Re-performances Exhibition Catalogue, Athens, Greece
2019 Divenire Exhibition Catalogue, Rome, Italy
2018 Bienalle Arte Dolomites. Exhibition Catalogue. Venice. Italy
2018 Don’t Judge the Subject by its Photograph (Canadian Review of Comparative Literature / Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée, Volume 45, Issue 3, Septembre 2018, pp. 411-423).
2017 Vantage Point 5 exhibition catalogue. Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah UAE
2015 Vantage Point 3 exhibition catalogue. Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah UAE
2011“A Photograph Without Space and Time – Functions, Values and Messages of the Generated-Through Software Photograph”, (GSP) GRIN Verlag, ISBN-10: 3656034400
2010 Photographs of the next Generation exhibition catalogue, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan
2010 National Photography Show exhibition catalogue, Academy of Fine Arts Lynchburg Virginia, USA
2007 14th International Month of Photography-Athens Photo Festival exhibition catalogue, Hellenic Center for Photography
2006 13th International month of Photography-Athens Photo Festival, Young Greek Photographers 2006 exhibition catalogue
Conference Presentations/Workshops

2019 Melbourne. RMIT’s PRS Conference. Views From Expatria
2018 Athens. Atiner Conference. The Found Object Photographed
2017 Melbourne. RMIT’s PRS Conference. Place Identity and Photographic Representation
2017 Dubai. GPP Slidefest 19 “Creative process of the portfolio-Specimens of American Suburbia”
2016 UAEU: Workshop on: “Travel Photography”, UAEU, 10/2/2016
2015 UAEU: Workshop on: “Play Photography-A game of Thousand Words” UAEU, 13/5/2015
2014 Dubai. GPP Slidefest 14 Conference,“Creative process of the portfolio-A world of Immaterial Objects”