China Pingyao 2018

Pingyao International Photography Festival is currently taking place in the Ancient City of Pingyao, from Sept 19 to 25.
Launched in 2001, this year’s event marks the 18th anniversary of the annual festival, which has become an essential event for photographers from around the world.
More than 40,000 photographers from over 100 countries and regions have displayed some 240,000 photos over the years, attracting about 5 million visitors.

This year’s festival has a theme of crowd-innovation and shared ideas, with 15,592 photographic works by 3,223 domestic photographers and 262 photographers and artists from 35 countries and regions –– demonstrating the event’s diversity and global appeal.
This year’s week-long event is divided into six parts, including exhibitions, fairs and forums. One of the highlights is a multimedia exhibition of photographic works, offering visitors an integrated experience of sound, video and still images –– the first time that the festival has held such an event.
In addition, a gallery expo is open at this year’s event for collectors to buy artistic works, further adding value to the festival’s brand.

Also, Pingyao lacquer ware culture and arts expo and a trade fair for cultural creative products is open to visitors attending the festival.