The project pertains to visual perception, object hood, materiality and their exchange value in society. These things I photograph are standing there flashily saturated underneath the midday sun, mute, unmanned, and inanimate. They pick me because I am very curious to see what their immaterial version would look like and because I am fascinated by the ontological, the artistic, and the semantic discourses surrounding their existence.

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The project deals with perception, collective conscious, the psychological functions of color in society and its association with crime photography. This specific genre thrived within the auspices of modern photography. The images featured by photographers in the likes of Weegee, mostly in black white are truly memorable. In a fairly playful, nostalgic, yet ironic manner, in reference to detective and film noir stories, I have observed and devised happenings, where red color and the images’ captions serve as clues of ambiguous narratives. 

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Visual Artist, University Associate Professor, Curator

Dr Ioannis Galanopoulos-Papavasileiou (aka Yiannis Galanopoulos) is an Associate Professor of Art at Zayed University, UAE. Ioannis is an interdisciplinary contemporary visual artist and has participated in numerous solo and group art exhibitions in UAE, Europe, the USA, Australia, China, and Japan. His work has been acquired by private and public collections. Ioannis’s curatorial objectives focus on empowering emerging artists. He has curated numerous exhibitions mostly in the UAE where he serves as professor.  

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“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson / Photographer

My portfolios Seafront Views, Specimens of American Suburbia, No Place Architecture, Unmanned and Inanimate and World of Immaterial Objects, I favor finding my subjects in the immediate environment, as opposed to constructing a reality in the studio. Residing in different countries and taking pleasure from wandering suburban areas are the reasons for developing a strong ‘sense of place’ and for questioning it through my creative processes.

Yiannis Galanopoulos / Associate Professor at Zayed University Abu Dhabi



The project explores gender perspectives and stereotypical representations of femininity. There are more than 130 woman magazines in circulation worldwide. Most of them are featuring portraits of healthy (mostly young), beautiful and charismatic women advertising commercial products, services, know-how and live-how ideals. 

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The artist writes on photography and film and is a regular contributor to scholarly research journals and publications such as Taylor and Francis; The Journal of Visual Practice Research and Photography and Culture, CGRNet’s On the Image and the Canadian Review of Comparative Literature.

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Various limited edition digital prints beyond the artist’s research and working themes are provided. There are several graphic art works which have been conceived as original works of art, rather than copies of a work from his chosen media; photography and expanded photography.

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Views from Ex-Patria concerns global trends of migration and border politics. 

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Collaborations with both non-profit and commercial venues are welcomed. Please feel free to contact me, if I can contribute in any way in your project, whether that is exhibition, publication, work presentation or gallery talk.Professional, student, and amateur artists are encouraged to establish communication with me, asking support (ie editing, critique) for the realization of their individual projects.